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The Vauquelin 2 project is the continuation of Vauquelin 1 entirely in line with the times. Vauquelin 2 is characterised by larger common green spaces accessible to more people, while keeping it a charming place to live.

This project aims to be socially diverse and to meet the the different needs of a variety of customers. The large central linear park links all of these diverse units together and in doing so, will encourage social interactions as well as community spirit and foster a feeling of belonging to the project.

Overview Plan

Building Status (Construction)

Completed Construction in progress Upcoming buildings
23- 24-25
3 4

Uniform Design

The architecture also plays a part in the choice even if there are very different from one another. The choice of materials, facades, and the buildings' composition of volumes most definitely make this a contemporary project. It also ties in traditional architectural elements such as gables, canopies, etc, making it a newer, more charming, contemporary architecture that blends in well with other types of architecture in nearby neighborhoods. In addition, all units have expansive windows so everyone can enjoy the natural light.

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